Hacking Hashtags

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#Hashtags are everywhere you look. They’re deeply embedded in the online culture of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social medias. You’re either nailing the hashtag game or you’re making a complete mess of your digital marketing campaign. These are a few strategies and best practices to help you hack your hashtags.   Hashtag Usage Varies This may come as a surprise to you, but hashtags don’t provide the same purpose across all social media platforms. Here’s a quick breakdown to help you: Twitter: One or two hashtags can help you with engagement. One hashtag should be a business or branded hashtag. The second should be one that supports the content of that particular post. Instagram: You’re allowed up to 30 hashtags, though a minimum of […]

Why Graphic Design is Critical for any Entrepreneur

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If you’re a small business owner or other type of entrepreneur, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the frustration of trying to convey an idea to someone who isn’t getting it. Whether it’s a technical explanation or an issue with finances, it can be difficult to make your point even when you’re an expert and can confidently explain it. Humans are visual learners, and tend to understand best when information is available in a visual form. It’s critical for any entrepreneur to have some basic skills in graphic design. Luckily, there’s plenty of free and inexpensive graphic design programs that don’t require much time to learn and can help you convey anything required for your business. We’ve listed some of them in the next section.   Graphic Design […]

Voice Search Optimization: The Next SEO

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The Next SEO: Voice Search Optimization Many in the marketing realm assumed that voice SEO (allows users to speak into their device to acquire the information they seek as opposed to manually inputting a query into a search box) was simply a trend, not to be taken seriously, but as time progressed we’ve seen technologies such as Google Home/ Assistant, Siri, Cortana, and Amazons Alexa sink deeper into the lives of consumers. Since the inception of these technologies, terms such as, “Ok Google,” and “Hey Alexa!” have grown in popularity due to the expedited manner in which information can be acquired. According to Econsultancy, over 30% of website sessions will be conducted without the use of a screen by the year 2020. This means that […]

What Is Digital Transformation And How Can My Company Benefit From It?

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Digital transformation is about bringing companies fully and successfully into the 21st Century. When a company becomes “digitally transformed” from a business-winning point of view, it maximizes the results from its advertising, marketing, and sales activities. Successful Marketing Many companies employ skilled marketing and sales professionals. The marketers employ effective strategies that show not just the features of the company’s products and services, but also how they can benefit the end user. The marketing campaigns build brand awareness, imply omnipresence, and encourage prospects to want to meet with sales execs. The sales professionals help the prospect move through their purchase decision-making process, see the advantages of using what is being offered, evaluate the benefits, and place orders. Traditionally, there is little contact, “at ground level,” […]

Five Benefits of Social Media Training

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Social media is now well into its second decade as a prominent part of many marketing campaigns, and it only grows more expansive each year. If you have your team planning to use social media for your upcoming marketing efforts, are you sure they know everything necessary? Posting content there might sound easy enough. However, you need more education on details about when you post content. Also, it’s not always about posting content and hoping everyone clicks your links. Take a look at five benefits of social training to make these issues more clear for your team. 1. Employees Learn Proper Social Media Policies Everyone in your company is going to use social media for different purposes. Many of them are perhaps using it already […]