How To Achieve Lower CPC for Facebook Ads: 3 Must-Know Tricks

Facebook advertising a must these days, but paying through the nose for it is still optional.  Here are three tricks you need to know to achieve lower cost per click (CPC) for Facebook ads. 1. Use a close-up shot of a person Click-through rate (CTR) can change by as much as 70% depending on the image used. By increasing the click-through rate, the cost per click goes down to virtually nothing. So what kind of image is best to use? A dreamy landscape, a heart-warming animal, a cute cartoon, or a memorable logo? Actually, the most effective images incorporate a person, ideally a close shot of the person’s face. Even the most faceless corporate entities can and do achieve success with this strategy, for example, Progressive […]

Getting Real Results from Your Digital Marketing Campaign (Part 3) – Two Powerful Goals

Over the past couple of months we’ve shared a series of articles on how to run successful and powerful digital marketing campaigns that can get you results. If this is your first time reading our series, take a look at Part 1 and Part 2. In this article, we’ll drill down into two measurable goals that will enable you to focus on specific actions. These actions will deliver results that will grow your business. Goal Type #1: Increased Sales This is the purpose behind your marketing – to grow your revenue. Set sales goals so you can focus on measuring where your orders come from, and if those market sectors are meeting, exceeding or falling below expectations. When you know that, you can realign as needed. […]

How Much Should Your Marketing Budget Be To Deliver The Ideal ROI?

marketing roi

There are a number of ways to look at a marketing budget and its size, because there is no single way, no one-size-fits all. These market survey results act as a very useful guideline, so business owners and their CMO’s can see what other businesses like theirs are doing, and whether they should simply follow suit or use the stats as one of the factors to take into account when setting and reviewing their own marketing budget. Every company sets a budget. Successful ones set the right budget in terms of dollars to spend, spend those dollars in the right areas, and they review the spend to make sure they continue to get the right ROI. It is always valuable to remember that a company’s […]

How To Categorize Your Marketing Budget

Digital Marketing Budget

The greatest return on the investments you make in your company is to market effectively. Effective marketing, done properly can deliver powerful results across your business. You attract the right types of customers or leads. You sell more easily. And you give yourself the opportunity to create and deliver your products and services more efficiently. As a result, your customer care activities will support your marketing rather than just work to solve problems. One of the critical elements that supports effective marketing is correct budgeting. Not setting up a proper budget is one of the biggest mistakes we see small business owners make. Rather than setting a budget at the start of the year, many businesses operate “on the fly” throughout the year with no true […]

Should I Hire a Marketing Agency or Freelancer?

Who cares? OK, now that I have your attention let’s look at that question scientifically. You care! You have to make the right decision when it comes to how and when to hire an agency vs. freelancer. A decision that is right for you because that’s the acid test – your decision must be right for you. What is right for one company may not be right for another. What is right for one project in the same company may not be right for another project. So to make the right decision, there are three critical areas you might consider reviewing. 1. Purpose: Clarify your underlying purpose. Must you hire the cheapest because you have a tight budget? Should you choose the most expensive because high […]