The Future of Digital Advertising

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Can you believe that digital advertising barely existed twenty years ago? Now, it’s the largest marketing arena in the industry. We’ve grown from Word Art blurbs on Google-predecessor, to highly algorithmic, learning advertising integrated into every part of our lives. So what’s the next step in advertising? Let’s take a peek into the future:   Artificial Intelligence in Digital Advertising We are already experiencing the beginnings of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can take digital advertising to the next level. Currently, a favorite AI tool for digital marketers is chatbots: bots programmed to answer customer queries and complete background tasks, like CNN’s “choose-your-own-adventure” prompter on Kik or ordering from 1-800-Flowers via Facebook Messenger. Our friends Siri, Alexa, and Cortana are all examples of virtual assistants […]

Millennial vs. Gen Z Marketing

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The spending power in our global economy is shifting, and marketers see who’s taking the reins. Their strategy is shifting appropriately too⎯depending on your age, you may now see ads that you just can’t relate to anymore, or suddenly find that you do. Many businesses still consider Gen X (1965-1980, mature professionals) and Baby Boomers (post-World War II children, now in or reaching retirement) to be the consumers in charge. However, Millennials and Gen Z now hold substantial influence. And with significant expectations. Here’s what you need to know about who these kids are, and why their differences matter to your marketing strategy.   Who are Millennials? Millennials, also known as Gen Y, were born between roughly 1981-1996. Their youngest demographics are in their early […]

Guide to Chatbots

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One of the hottest marketing and e-commerce tools of the trade right now are chatbots – bots programmed to answer customer queries and complete background tasks. As technology continues to advance, chatbots are increasingly artificially intelligent, becoming more conversational and knowledgeable in their customer relations. Some can even gather information about your target audience and respond to voice-search commands. Here is all you need to know about why and how to get started integrating chatbots into your business strategy.   The Chatbot In Your Pocket You probably already interact with chatbots more than you realize. If you use Siri on iOS, Cortana for Android, Google Assistant on your Google smartphone, Bixby for Samsung, or any other intelligent personal assistant on your day-to-day devices, you’re talking […]