Completing Your First Digital Marketing Strategy Audit

digital marketing audit

The sound of the word “audit” might automatically make you think of the IRS looking into your finances. While perhaps a trigger word, an audit isn’t always worth worrying about. When you do a digital marketing audit, you’re looking deeper into what your company does internally to uncover challenges or opportunities to improve your processes. Without knowing how well you’re executing your digital marketing campaign, you may never know exactly how to improve it. If you’re going through your first digital marketing audit, it’s time to learn about the process and know why it should become an ongoing process. What Exactly is a Digital Marketing Audit? This type of audit looks at what you’re doing in creating an effective online presence. It’s going to involve […]

Why Your Brand Is More Than Just A Colorful Logo And Fancy Words

“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.” – Jonah Sachs You’ve probably heard the term branding or brand strategy thrown around a lot if you’ve put any attention toward growing or relaunching your brand. If you’ve heard the term, it’s likely that someone on your marketing team discussed your company logo, your tagline, your color scheme, and how these materials would be used for both digital and print marketing. But here’s something to think about: Your brand is so much more than just a colorful logo and fancy words. If your marketing team failed to mention the other aspects of your company’s branding or rebranding strategy, you’re missing out! Branding isn’t just your logo or your color scheme – it’s also: […]

SEO: What You Need To Know For 2018 And Beyond

SEO 2018 - what you need to know

If you’ve been keeping up with SEO (search engine optimization) trends for your website in any way, then you already know how much it’s evolved in just the last decade. The SEO you knew even a few years ago has changed dramatically. A lot of this is due to search engines like Google and Bing constantly updating their ranking algorithms to penalize sites that participate in spammy SEO practices and allow for more fairness in helping deserving businesses rank higher. So what’s ahead for the rest of this year and beyond in SEO? Here are four major SEO topics that you need to pin to your bulletin board at the office and keep in mind as you are looking for ways to keep up with […]

Facebook Ad Basics: Follow These 7 Steps To Generate More Leads

facebook ads effectively

If you run a business, you probably already understand the value of Facebook as a way of attracting qualified prospects for your products or services. But not everyone has gotten on board the Facebook paid ads train. So, here are seven steps for using Facebook ads effectively to generate leads. 1. Know Your Ideal Customer Just like the internet in general, there are all kinds of businesses vying for attention on Facebook. Unless you can snag someone’s attention immediately, they’ll just scroll past your paid post without even thinking about it. To maximize the effectiveness of Facebook’s targeting options, it’s essential that you know your ideal customer. 2. Create a Lead Magnet A lead magnet is something of value that you offer for free to prospects […]

How To Generate More Leads Using Social Media Using Top Social Channels

social media leads - ad campaign

Social media has come a long way from once being just a place to play to a more serious outlet for marketing. It’s one of the best places to generate leads because you can so easily nurture relationships there. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, you’re going to find a demographic that fits the type of business you’re promoting. The question is, which social channel is the best when it comes to generating leads? It’s better to focus on just one or two social channels rather than assume you’ll find audiences on all of them. A decade or more ago, using all might have worked to some extent. Now each channel has their own segmented demographics best suited to your business style. Here are some […]