PPC Strategy & Ads for Bedding Store


An eCommerce company that sells products in the Home Goods industry wanted to increase visibility to its audience with Facebook Ads and drive traffic to sell its products on its own website and other major retailer sites.



Our team developed a Facecbook advertising campaign for the parent company and four sub-brands. Our team analyzed ideal audiences for each brand to target and developed several distinct messages to target each sub-brand’s niche audience. As a result, our team was able to dramatically reduce the cost per click for website traffic ads and increase brand awareness of Facebook for each sub-brand. Cost Per clicks (CPC) started at an average of $.98 per click and reduced to $.08 per click over 4 months of running and optimizing each campaign. Throughout the campaign, updates were made to test variables such as ad imagery, copy, and the budget was adjusted accordingly. To better track website conversions and sales, UTM tracking was set up.