Digital Marketing Consulting & Management for Local Yoga Studio


A new local yoga studio with plenty of local visibility wanted to develop ways to establish its online presence so it could reach a larger population of potential customers within a 25-mile radius.



Our team devised a long-term strategy to roll out in phases. During the first phase, our team coordinated with the studio’s staff to assign roles to dedicated social media managers that would be responsible for managing specific social media networks. Next, our team analyzed website traffic and top keywords and coordinated with the website manager to manage on-page SEO. From there, our team launched a blog and developed a blog calendar filled with month-by-month yoga topics and ideas, along with including keywords to further improve on-page SEO. Finally, our team launched a Google Adwords campaign (in addition to the existing Facebook ads campaign), with a landing page that gave a 15-20% boost in sales for new customers purchasing intro rate packages to the studio.