Marketing Consulting

Digital Marketing Consulting for Growing Businesses

We offer marketing consulting services to help you launch or re-launch your brand. Our services assist with brand identity, marketing campaigns, general consulting services, and social media strategy and services to help your company grow. Before any marketing consultation service begins, we start each client with a Marketing Action Plan and Consulting Schedule to define and outline our initiatives during your consultations.

We offer each client as many as two consultations per week, and we do not wait more than one month between each consultation. Consultations are 1 hour per session with basic support between sessions. We allow our clients to decide if they would prefer consultations by phone or video conferencing. Upon request, we may be available for face to face meetings in our Atlanta office.

Keep in mind, with consultations we offer our advice and expertise on each topic outlined above. Many of our start-up clients utilize our marketing consultation services and implement these items on their own. If your company needs a marketing team to develop and implement a strategic marketing plan, then you should also review our Marketing Campaign services for more in-depth support.

Once a marketing action plan is developed, each marketing consultation may include, but is not limited to, assistance with:

Social Media Consulting

Assistance with helping small businesses learn how to leverage social networks for increased customer engagement.

Brand Development

Developing a memorable and consistent look, feel, and identity for your small business.

Unique Selling Proposition

We help small business owners determine how they want to be perceived and develop a tagline or slogan.

Message Development

We work with small businesses to come up with a strong marketing message that captures the attention of potential customers.

Lead Generation

Small business owners need ways to find revenue quickly. We examine and define ways for you to generate leads.

Pricing and Revenue Model

For small businesses who haven’t figured out the right pricing strategy, we work with you to determine profitable pricing for your product and/or service.

Web Design and/or Website Makeover

We outline and discuss the best methods to update your site. For some clients, we provide web design services.

Email Marketing Campaigns

We create a plan and schedule with each small business to develop an ongoing email campaign.


Ready to Get Started?

Our services start from $150 per consulting session. Discounts apply for multiple sessions booked at the start of service. We offer a monthly consulting package with multiple sessions and additional support for $650 per month.

All consulting sessions include a marketing action plan and consulting schedule.

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