PPC Ads, Consulting and Strategy for Celebrity Fitness Brand


We were asked to work with a celebrity fitness trainer and consult with his team for his rapidly growing fitness brand. Our client wanted to expand the brand’s social media presence and improve outreach to customers and fans. Our client initially launched television campaigns and wanted to supplement it with a strong digital marketing presence. Our client also wanted to bridge the gap from tv and social media to convert fans into customers.


Our team consulted with the client and developed an action plan to quickly increase the email list and phone numbers by engaging with fans on social media channels and collecting data that could be used in email marketing and SMS campaigns.
Our team did the following:
  • We launched Facebook ads. Facebook referrals accounted for 25℅ of all web traffic with a 15-20℅ conversion rate.
  • We launched a daily email campaign to fans with content to keep the in the funnel.
  • We launched SMS campaigns segmented to specific cities to promote live events that led to more conversions and customer buy-in.
  • We launched a webinar series to capture more leads and build the pipeline for future sales.
This combination of digital marketing tactics has nearly tripled the company’s sales over the course of two years.