Social Media

A Social Media Team for Your Business

Our social media services are designed to offer ongoing posting, monitoring, and management services for our clients.

Social Media Packages include:

Social media strategy development
Content writing and posting status updates
Monitoring your brand and/or keywords
Engaging with other social media users to build community
Providing real-time analytics

Our team works with every client to develop a comprehensive social media strategy before you launch into any of today’s popular social networking sites. Once we’ve developed a clear strategy then we create (or take over managing) your social media profiles to increase followers and fans, engage your audience on a daily basis, and create opportunities to leverage your company’s products and services to increase revenue.

Our Social Media services provide ongoing support to a variety of companies.

We post status updates on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to increase your brand’s voice.
We monitor and respond to friends and fans.
We customize your social networking profiles to match your brand.
We strategically grow your Twitter following with relevant connections.
We increase YouTube or Vimeo views through syndication.

Sample Social Media Gallery

Facebook Social Media Marketing Services

For Facebook services, we provide daily monitoring and updating for Fan pages. In some cases, it’s also beneficial for a small business owner to launch a Facebook group if there’s a particular topic. Fan pages may also include custom tab development, the creation of Facebook Ads, monthly Facebook contests, and integration of other services to attract more fans to your page.

Twitter Social Media Marketing Services

To be effective on Twitter, you must Tweet multiple times per day. For many small business owners who want their brand represented on various social networks, this becomes an arduous task. Because of this, the effectiveness in Twitter driving leads to your website, blog, or press releases become overlooked. With Twitter, we develop content for our clients that mixes links online information about the company in additional to having daily conversations with followers and fans.

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing Services

If you are a small business that offers B2B services, we highly recommend you establish a profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is like your online resume with the opportunity for you to talk deeply about your services offered, request testimonials from former clients, and connect with other like-minded professionals. For business owners who want to aggressively grow their profiles, reach out to specific groups, or increase the level of engagement with connections and discussion forums, we offer short-term LinkedIn campaigns that dramatically contribute to target customer contact.

YouTube Social Media Marketing Services

We encounter a lot of entrepreneurs who are shy about getting in front of a camera, but there are so many other great uses for YouTube. You can create photo presentations, instructional videos, product demos, and much more. We work with clients to launch viral marketing campaigns with video marketing as the major focus. The more exposure your product gets, the more opportunity you have to increase brand awareness, lead generation, and sales. For small businesses owners who are new to video marketing, we first develop a strategy to come up with video topics. In some cases, we even record the video with our clients and provide assistance with editing.

Other Social Media Marketing Services

In addition to us providing services to clients on the most popular social networks, we also utilize social bookmarking services, blogs, and other methods to utilize a comprehensive approach to social media marketing. By request, we may also do social media on Yelp, Foursquare, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. Contact our team, and we’ll work with you to create the right plan.


Ready to Get Started?

Our social media management packages are custom to fit your needs. Most of our services start at $1500/month to manage multiple social networks and generate content such as blog posts, custom images, strategy, along with monitoring, engaging with fans, and growing your following. Please contact our team for a customized quote.

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