3 Marketing Musts for Defining Your Target Audience

defining target audience

We are living in a fast-paced digital age. Meaning that now, more than ever, businesses must market cross-market across various platforms in order to reach their target audience. Maintaining a website, posting blog articles, and being active across social media platforms is important, but it doesn’t go far enough. How can a businesses reach potential clients in a way that feels tangible, in the age of the intangible? The answer lies in buyer personas and audience building. Defining Your Audience The Right Way Raise your voice. Successful marketers know that a well-crafted brand voice is essential. Building a voice that is consistent and easily understood by your target audience allows for increased user interaction, leading to greater visibility and traffic. All of this, of course, leads to eventual increase in […]

Getting Real Results from Your Digital Marketing Campaign (Part 1)

Businesses grow because they succeed in a few critical areas. Three of those areas for any business is that they: Sell in greater quantities, or with greater frequency, to existing customers and clients Sell to new customers and clients Sell additional products and services to existing and new customers and clients When a business wants to succeed in those areas it must market effectively. Successful businesses begin by getting the strategies for their digital marketing campaign in place. Once done, they can effectively work on their roll-out plan(s). After that, it is more about how clear they make their marketing message, how often the market gets the message, and how well the market receives the message. In this series of articles we will explore the essential […]

How To Market Yourself as a Thought Leader In Your Industry

As you market your business and excel during your growth or maturity cycle, one of the best things you can do for your personal brand is begin to position yourself as a thought leader. Being a thought leader these days puts you in a position where you can be considered a local, national, or international expert in a particular niche. It establishes you as a leader among peers in your industry, and it positions you to be seen as an expert to people who potentially need your service. There’s many steps to take when positioning yourself as a thought leader. As a digital marketing agency, we stress that you first examine your online presence to understand what your digital footprint looks like. Make sure your […]

3 benefits to using Dropbox for Small Biz

Dropbox is a worthwhile program for anyone, but it is especially valuable to small businesses for both organizational and marketing purposes. Dropbox is a file hosting service that allows users to share and store data—mostly programs and folders—over the web. This comes in handy for a variety of reason: Benefit #1: Convenient Backup System Backing up files on Dropbox, such as payroll records and logo art is much easier than burning CDs or constantly updating a backup hard drive (though it would be wise to do that every now and then still).  Once you sign up for the service and have an account, Dropbox creates a self-titled folder that has two folders inside: Public and Photo. Uploading a file to the Public folder will allow that file to be […]

The Power of a Communication Plan

Creating a communication plan for your business can be a very big deal.  It gives you the opportunity to organize your thoughts and approaches to obtaining new business on paper.  To be more precise, a communication plan is your written strategy for spoken, written, and electronic communication with your customers or potential customers.  A good communication plan includes: Your objectives – what do you want to accomplish when your associating with clients or potential clients? Your audience – who do you want to reach and what are the ways you can reach them? Timeframe – when will reach these clients? Your plan – how will achieve this plan? Accountability – how will you measure your results? A few questions to ask yourself or your sales […]