Facebook Ad Basics: Follow These 7 Steps To Generate More Leads

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If you run a business, you probably already understand the value of Facebook as a way of attracting qualified prospects for your products or services. But not everyone has gotten on board the Facebook paid ads train. So, here are seven steps for using Facebook ads effectively to generate leads. 1. Know Your Ideal Customer Just like the internet in general, there are all kinds of businesses vying for attention on Facebook. Unless you can snag someone’s attention immediately, they’ll just scroll past your paid post without even thinking about it. To maximize the effectiveness of Facebook’s targeting options, it’s essential that you know your ideal customer. 2. Create a Lead Magnet A lead magnet is something of value that you offer for free to prospects […]

Instagram Stories: Best Practices and Strategies on Sharing Your Brand Story

instagram stories ideas for marketing

It’s barely been a year since Instagram released Instagram Stories, “a [new] feature that lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile.” With 800 million active monthly users, Instagram’s introduction of stories was a direct play against Snapchat’s nearly identical feature which allows posters to develop photo-based narratives of their days. Just months after Instagram Stories upended the social media status quo, there was evidence it was cutting into Snapchat’s bottom line, with more individuals using Instagram Stories than Snapchat had active users. The importance of this for marketers can’t be overstated as it demonstrates Instagram’s growth as a channel for continually updated content. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, first, what […]

3 Marketing Musts for Defining Your Target Audience

defining target audience

We are living in a fast-paced digital age. Meaning that now, more than ever, businesses must market cross-market across various platforms in order to reach their target audience. Maintaining a website, posting blog articles, and being active across social media platforms is important, but it doesn’t go far enough. How can a businesses reach potential clients in a way that feels tangible, in the age of the intangible? The answer lies in buyer personas and audience building. Defining Your Audience The Right Way Raise your voice. Successful marketers know that a well-crafted brand voice is essential. Building a voice that is consistent and easily understood by your target audience allows for increased user interaction, leading to greater visibility and traffic. All of this, of course, leads to eventual increase in […]

Getting Real Results from Your Digital Marketing Campaign (Part 1)

Businesses grow because they succeed in a few critical areas. Three of those areas for any business is that they: Sell in greater quantities, or with greater frequency, to existing customers and clients Sell to new customers and clients Sell additional products and services to existing and new customers and clients When a business wants to succeed in those areas it must market effectively. Successful businesses begin by getting the strategies for their digital marketing campaign in place. Once done, they can effectively work on their roll-out plan(s). After that, it is more about how clear they make their marketing message, how often the market gets the message, and how well the market receives the message. In this series of articles we will explore the essential […]

5 Quick Steps to Building An Audience That Connects With Your Brand

How is it that well-known brands like Apple and Coca-Cola continue to dominate when it comes to branding? These businesses have achieved something remarkable; their customers are not just customers, they’re fans, ready to sing the praises of the companies they love. But, getting to that point may not be as simple as it sounds. Before these major brands got to that point, they each embarked in a process of audience building that put them in a position to connect with their customers in a more deep and meaningful way. One of the best things you can do for your brand is stop and assess if you truly know your audience. You can start right away by developing buyer personas, or customer profiles, and then building and […]